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Lonewolfsound is a central Ohio based company providing professional sound re-inforcement for live band or soloist performances, State/County fairs/festivals, Car/Bike shows, Church Outings, Seminars, Weddings, Conferences, Parties and more. All systems come complete with a sound engineer for stage set-up and performance mixing. All systems feature Electro-Voice Mains and at least an 8 par can light show. Sound mixing will be performed by authorized Lonewolfsound technicians only, to ensure proper use of equipment; thereby giving you the best of what we have to offer.

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Sample quotes from some of our clients:
Email From Reptile Smile 8/15/2010

Hey Jimmy, Just wanted to say thanks again for the great job Mongo and you did on the 30th at the NC Fest. That was by far one of our easiest, and worry free gigs as far as sound goes. You guys are pros! I will recommend Lone Wolf Sound to anyone. The recording came out really nice too. Im going to take 30 seconds from 8-10 of the songs and put a new demo together for our promo pack. Sounds a lot better than what we are currently using. Thanks again, Brian (Singer Reptile Smile)
The Gas Pump Jockeys 9/9/09

Jim: You efforts at The Canal Winchester Labor Day show was outstanding and was a major contributor to The Gas Pump Jockeys being so well received. Your stage gear, PA system, employees and mixing with top drawer. The band has been invited back in 2010 and certainly you will should know that you helped make that possible. Please pass our appreciation on to your employees and we are looking forward to crossing your path at future shows in which The Gas Pump Jockeys are performing. We would welcome working with you again and again. Pat McLoughlin The Gas Pump Jockeys.

Karma10 12/3/06

Jimmy and Karen (and Mongo), you guys are THE BEST PERIOD! Sound is crisp , clear , and you know what our band is trying to accomplish and you take us there! Thanks for puttting up with us and always making it happen!
Paradox 6/29/06

We've used Lone Wolf several times during the past year, and they are incredible every single time. Not knocking any other sound guys out there, but when Lone Wolf runs our sound, it's like being "home." Great gear, great effects, great bunch of guys! Thanks for making us sound better than we are!LOL
Scott Hayes w/subdivided 2/18/06

Thanks Mark for once again providing outstanding sound for us.You guys are the best !!!
Snakkdaddy/IronHorse 8/16/05

Just a note to let everyone know that it doesn't matter the size or the configuration of the venue--Jimmy will find a way to make it work and go out of his way to make it work for YOU! Thanks for everything, Chief.
Alan w/Stop Drop & Roll 4/25/05

Stop Drop & Roll wants to thank Jim & Don for outstanding work at our show at Lucky's 4-23-04. These guys are professional, have great gear, and know how to use it. Being our first outing with them, we expected problems and delays, but were treated to a fantastic experience instead. Highly recommended, we wish they could clear their schedule and run us all the time.
mcfly band 7/8/05

I cannot say enough good thinks about the job Don and Joe did for us..very professional and nice guys..we have found a sound company we will use always..if were lucky enough to get them..thank you so much..
Dan w/Mojochrome 4/10/05

What a fantastic job Jim and Don did for us last night at Lee Dog's. Hands down the best we've ever sounded guys. From all the guys at Mojochrome, you definitely are the righteous sound master! Really appreciate the way you paid attention to the band the whole night, I loved all the subtle touches you put on the vocals, and this was the first time you ever ran for us! Amazing. You fixed the issues in the rare occasion when they came up, and all the prep you did before the show to make sure we sounded good out of the gate made all the difference. Great PA, great gear, great guys to work with too. It was totally professional man, thanks again and talk to you soon!
Chip Bell w/Naked 1/15/05

Thanks again for doing such a great job this last weekend. As I told you at the gig, we had numerous compliments on the sound package. I hope you enjoyed the show, and we'll be coming to you first for any gigs we pick up. Thank you for the good/hard work..
Barbara w/Radio Surfers 2/29/04

A big thank you to Jimmy and Mark! All I can say is WOW! I really appreciate everything you all did for us this past Saturday! Our sound was incredible and you two were very flexible and easy to work with!
Randy 1/4/05

Jimmy, Mark & co. are the best you will find in central Ohio. These guys are professional all the way and will make you sound great whatever size venue you happen to be in.
Brandon 12/8/03

hey just wanted to say you guys kicked ass tonight!! Especially considering the place we were in. we might as well played in a tin shed(not knocking Brewskee's i love the people there). I have heard quite a few bands play there and they all sound really tinny, but you kept us thick and strong. Sounded great. I always say you guys are 70 perccent of the show. if you don't make us sound good, the crowd won't get into the music. So pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!! Any bands out their looking for a PROFESSIONAL sound man don't settle for less, choose the best LONE WOLF!!
Brad 2/19/04

Jimmy, again I can't thank you enough for the excellence in your sound service. I will tell all about the LONEWOLF sound company . The best in the mid-west. see ya soon